Graduate Electrical Automation Engineer

  • Location : Watford , United Kingdom

  • Salary : £27000.00 per annum

  • Posted : Last Friday at 2:11 PM

  • Position: Full time

Job Description

Do you love tinkering with electrical items as a hobby? Strong electrical skills– wiring, assembly, testing etc? Use Arduino and Raspberry Pi as a hobby? This Watford based role could be ideal.

Once people join this business they tend to remain there- some for 20-30 years. One of the main reasons is the money, as there is a bonus on top of the excellent basic salary. Also, for you this should be the job of your dreams, as they are looking for someone who has been doing a lot of this as a hobby in their own time.A technical hobbyist,  so to speak.

The main part of the role is integrating 3rd party equipment onto CNC machines, once this is done the companys clients will confirm they are happy- then the equipment will be de-assembled and added at the clients site.

This means that travel is a big part of the role, across the UK and sometimes Europe (once all returns to normal). 


Bonus up to £9,000

Essential Skills

You need to love using Arduino and Raspberry Pi so much that you do it as a hobby, for projects such as RC Cars etc. Its not enough to have touched on this as part of your university education, you really need to have done additional projects and work in your own time- because you enjoy doing it.

You should also have electrical skills– wiring, assembly, testing (essential), due to this an Electrical engineering type degree may be most relevant, but others will be considered if you fit the required profile.

A driving licence and your own transport is required- but in time you will get a car to use.

Desired Skills

Electrical Engineering Degree

About Company

.This business supplies a range of precision tool machinery to manufacturing businesses across the UK and Europe.

Job Location

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